How Can A Grain Marketing Specialist Help You?

A Grain Marketing Plan helps take the emotion out of marketing. It helps you become a planner rather than a reactor. It’s very easy to get emotional and sell at the wrong time.

Here’s an example. If corn looks like it’s going up, you can easily become emotional thinking what you might be missing, so you put off a sale. Then corn goes down. Now you’ve missed the selling price you wanted and your plan is out the window. A great marketing plan doesn’t include finding the highest price.

We believe the opportunities and risks for grain marketing have never been greater. There are too many variables you can’t control. The unpredictable weather patterns which bring drought one year and a flood the next make for widely varying yields. The totally unpredictable foreign grain production also affects our markets.

Throwing in the roller coaster demand from one year to the next for grains both here in the United States and from other countries and it’s easy to see how emotions can influence grain marketing decision making.

We work with farmers and farm families that produce grain on 2,000 acres, all the way up to 20,000 acres.We are working with farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. Each and every Grain Marketing Specialist at Swenson Investments and Commodities had prior grain marketing experience before coming to work with us. They liked our honest approach in working with farmers and our low pressure process of sharing what we do.

You need to know we don’t have a cookie-cutter Grain Marketing Plan. It just doesn’t work that way. Why? Every farm operation is different. Some are renting land and other’s own their land. The break-even grain prices vary from field to field because it depends on what is paid for the land or what the land is rented for. Input costs from farm to farm vary dramatically when you start scrutinizing machinery costs, seed, fertilizer, and chemical input.

Our Grain Marketing¬†Specialists don’t focus on guessing the market highs. We focus on knowing exactly what your per acre break even is and then endeavoring to sell at profitable levels.