We help Farmers and Ranchers with 100 head to 10,000 head of Cattle in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

With the current volative market conditions a cattle marketing plan may be critical to hedge the risk involved in feeding cattle.

We will help you analyze the current market and use breakeven projections in an endeavor to determine the best opportunity available.

Whether that is backgrounding or feeding light weight calves all the way to fat we are watching those potential profitability levels for you. Once a determination is made on which cattle to purchase we will then help you hedge those critters and the feed they require. After the hedges are put on we will monitor the positions and send you a weekly market update.


Our goal is to work with you and provide you with the best marketing plan we can for your specific operation.

If you’d like a confidential one-on-one meeting with one of our Cattle Marketing Specialists, Call Us.

You’ll never feel as though we’re trying to sell you.

There’s absolutely no pressure to move forward and do business with us. We think you’re smart enough to make the decision on your own, based on the foundation of information and case histories we will share with you. You’ll also appreciate that we wont’ waste your time and we won’t share your information with anyone – ever!